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A new way to create culture change in dementia care, wherever you are in the world.

The Butterfly Community is an online membership group that will support our community to learn together, launching in October.

Created by David Sheard and Helen Sanderson, we believe that it will lead us to the the next stage in creating the cultural change we want to see in dementia care.

Join us, and let’s make change.

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David Sheard
Dementia Care Matters
Helen Sanderson
Helen Sanderson Associates

Butterfly Community members will be able to…

Ask questions to David and Helen, live

Each month begins with a live webinar from David, Helen or a key colleague from their teams. This gives you the chance to ask your questions directly, and get the answers you need to develop your home.

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Learn something new every month

From culture change to the importance of the environment, each month you will learn about a different theme that’s vitally important to creating a better dementia care experience.

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Connect with others and be inspired

Discuss new ideas and develop together as part of a global community. You can do this through our discussion group, and by joining us once a year for our annual learning event.

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