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What membership includes

The Butterfly Community is a new online membership group designed to support this culture change in dementia care, and it is available wherever you are in the world.

The Butterfly Community will provide learning resources that are organised around a monthly theme.

  • Each month, David, Helen or a colleague will deliver a live, interactive webinar on a different theme; giving you a chance to ask questions and meet other people in the Community
  • Information will be delivered to your e-mail, each week
  • You will be given the tools to really understand where you are currently in relation to best practice in a particular area
  • Following this, you will be able to access a range of practical ways to develop your care approach in a way that reflects your organisation’s needs
  • Each month we will also add more bite-sized and detailed resources to the membership site.

Each membership, in addition to the above, also includes:

  • 3 free, award-winning e-learning packages on person-centred practices and people living with dementia, worth £150, from Helen Sanderson Associates
  • A member directory, so you can contact each other
  • Electronic ‘badges’ that you can put on your care home website and emails to demonstrate your membership of the Butterfly Community and your commitment to ongoing learning
  • Reduced cost places for 2 people at the annual event hosted by Dementia Care Matters and Helen Sanderson Associates

Join us today with annual membership of The Butterfly Community for just £495.

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