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How it works

The Butterfly Community is a group of people across the world who are working to change the culture of dementia care.

Designed to help you grow

Each month we learn about a different theme, and all our learning is delivered online via these four steps:

1. Monthly webinars

These are live online sessions hosted by David, Helen or a key colleague. We use them to introduce the month’s theme in detail, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions directly.

2. Self-assessment

Based around each month’s theme, a short self-assessment will enable you to identify where you are currently in relation to best practice.

3. Downloadable resources

A range of learning materials are delivered to your inbox and also available to download from the member’s area of this website.

4. Group discussions

Our members-only Facebook group then gives you a space to talk about what you’ve learnt, swap ideas and develop together with other community members from around the world.

Together, these four ways of learning give us a way to grow individually and as a community, changing the culture of dementia care around the world.

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