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What you will learn about

Each year, as a member of The Butterfly Community, you will learn about a new series of themes.

These themes are designed to help you to create culture change in dementia care. 

Learning themes 2017-18

Themes for the year October 2017 – September 2018 are:

  • Culture change and person-centred practices
  • The ‘look’ and the stuff of life
  • Nurturing staff wellbeing
  • Recruiting for values
  • How our language shapes our work
  • Really reaching people
  • Beyond life stories
  • Leadership at every level
  • A fresh approach to paperwork
  • Relationships, risk and safeguarding

Missed the start of the year? Don’t worry!

The Butterfly Community works as a group learning experience, and you will receive our learning emails, access to our live webinars, and be able to join in with discussions on our Facebook group each month.

However, if you join The Butterfly Community after the start of the year, you’ll still be able to learn and grow with us.

You will need to take our initial month’s learning on Culture in dementia care in order to get started; and then you can join in with us for the following months as and when they happen. This allows you to be part of our live learning community.

If there are past themes that you would like to learn about, selected resources will continue to be available to access in the member’s area of the website.

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