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Outstanding Dementia Care Homes 2017

13 September | Birmingham, UK

Speaker programme

Everyone who joins us for Outstanding Dementia Care Homes 2017 will take away information that they can use to make a difference to their care home, from those who have already achieved real success.

In addition to the workshops, there will be fun, music, graphic facilitation and poetry; all related to dementia care.

Finally, attendees will also hear about the new online membership group The Butterfly Community, as well as having an opportunity to contribute to the topics it covers.

The speaker programme for the day includes:

David Sheard
“Butterfly Homes are Outstanding – the reasons why”
In this session, David will be sharing his views on dementia care as well as and a new Dementia Care Matters Tool based on research and experience which correlates 8 Butterfly Care Homes with their CQC ‘Outstanding’ Rating.
John Kennedy
Leader of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation care home enquiry, talking about his experiences of visiting ‘Outstanding’ homes
Samantha Crawley, National Director of Operations, All of Us
“Butterflies are good business” – the figures add up, collating the stats and evidence
Anita Astle, Managing Director, Wren Hall Care Homes
“Don’t touch the butterflies!” – balancing risks in freeing Butterflies around infection control and other health and safety considerations
Catarina Versaevel, National Director, Dementia Care Matters Canada
“Coming out of the cold” – Butterflies spreading in Canada, the 7 homes experience
Gwen Coleman Director of Care, Dementia Care Matters Ltd
“From Chrysalis to Butterfly” – coaching a team when the going gets tough
Patrick Atkinson, Owner & Helen Walton, Head of Operations Skylarks and Jo-Anne Wilson Poppy Lodge, Royal British Legion Galanos House
“When butterflies flounder” – helping Butterflies to fly again
Peter Bewert, Executive Manager, Care Services Aged Care Plus Support Services, The Salvation Army
“Butterflies as Salvation” – the Australian experience in the The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus
Ros & Rob Heath, Proprietors, Landermeads Care Home
“Requiring Outstanding” – The Landermeads experience: turning ‘Requires improvement’ into ‘Outstanding’
Gill Bailey, Helen Sanderson Associates and Cath Barton, Community Circles
“How person-centred practices and Community Circles helped create an award-winning home at EachStep”
Tickets are available to buy now, with discounted entry for members of The Butterfly Community.
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