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Who we are

The Butterfly Community was founded by David Sheard and Helen Sanderson. It brings together David Sheard’s Culture Change model of learning from the development of The Butterfly Homes and Dementia Care Matters, and Helen Sanderson’s expertise in person-centred practices developed through Helen Sanderson Associates.

About David

Over the last 38 years David has developed a reputation as a challenging and motivational speaker with Butterfly Homes now in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia.

His main focus in speaking, consultancy, training, writing and his media work in national and international TV is to shape culture change in dementia care and to emphasise a model of emotional intelligence that ‘Feelings Matter Most.’

In 2017 David launched The Butterfly Community with Helen Sanderson.

Dementia Care Matters’ belief and approach as a team are outlined in 19 publications and DVDs entitled the ‘Feelings Matter Most’ series including the 2016 publication ‘Loving: the essence of being a butterfly in dementia care’. In 2017 Dementia Care Matters launched its new free training DVD “Dementia care matters in the Ambulance Service” funded by NHS England

David has a staff appointment as a Visiting Senior Fellow in the School of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey and holds an Honorary Degree award of Doctor of the University (DUniv).

About Helen

Helen has been immersed in developing person-centred practice for over 20 years, both at home in the UK and internationally. She works across social care, healthcare and education; has advised the government; and has written a number of books to share she has learnt with others. She also has a PhD in person-centred practice.

Helen’s career started in occupational therapy, before she worked in social care for 25 years. She now leads social enterprise consultancy Helen Sanderson Associates, is the chair of the HSA Foundation, and is founder of the charity, Community Circles and has recently launched Wellbeing Teams, who are working to deliver a radical new model in social care.